Our eLearning program is built on a platform which provides your learning experience through electronic devices such as computers, tablets and cellular phones that are connected to the internet. You will truly be able to start or continue your education anytime and anywhere you are. There is also no expiry date on any of your enrolled courses, its yours forever! With any of our training agencies, you can start with your eLearning as early as you like, even if you have not decided on where your next adventure will be.

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Here are a few ways you can sign up for the eLearning.

  • If you have not decided on the dive centre
    Visit our WEBSTORE and and make payment online for the codes you need. (Codes will be generated on the next working day).
  • If you had contacted the dive centre
    Your dive instructor or dive centre representative will be able to provide you with the eLearning code directly. Simply key in the code HERE to start your lessons.
  • If you need the code immediately to start the course
    Visit our eLearning home page and purchase the codes directly. If you have not decided on the particular dive centre, select SDI TDI South East Asia so we can link your record later.

(Note: Prices for the eLearning codes are strictly for the academic sessions only. Fees for the any practical and follow up sessions with the instructors will apply

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