Learn to Scuba Dive (Open Water)

Southeast Asia is the home of the coral triangle where over 75% of all known coral species in the world can be found. From the colourful reefs, thriving marine ecosystems and explore carefully preserved wrecks, there is simply no other better place to start your scuba adventure.

Learn To Dive

Start diving the world in 3 easy steps

SDI makes it possible for you to complete all of the academic requirements for your entry-level scuba diver certification online. You can get started right now and, when you are done, you will then complete your in-water skill-development sessions and final open-water training dives at a local SDI Dive Center close to home, or at a popular vacation destination. It’s that simple! Now, go dive the world with your SDI certification.

Step 1

Get Smart

Start your SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course and master all the important academic information online or at your local dive shop. You can complete this phase through self-study, at your own pace, in the convenience of your home or office.  All eLearning courses work on mobile and tablet devices too.

Step 2

Get Wet

For entry-level certification courses (as well as some continuing-education classes), the next step will be to complete your in-water skill-development training. This takes place in a swimming pool or similar body of confined water, under the supervision of an SDI Instructor.

Step 3

Go Diving

The final step is to complete the required number of SDI open-water training dives under the supervision of your SDI Instructor. Here you will apply what you have learned during your academic and skill-development sessions, while learning practical lessons that can only be gained through real-world experience in open water.

Step One

e-Learning - Get Smart

What you can expect to learn 

The SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Course will cover all of the necessary skills and knowledge for open water scuba diving, including: 

  • The aquatic environment: vision, light, sound, heat loss, tides, currents, waves, surge, etc. 
  • Physics and physiology: buoyancy, pressure, air spaces, breathing compressed air, mixed gases, etc. 
  • Dive equipment selection, assembly, use and maintenance 
  • Dive planning 
  • Basic scuba skills including mask and regulator skills, swimming underwater, buoyancy control, basic rescue techniques, and emergency procedures 
  • And much more! 

What’s in it for you 

Upon successful completion of the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course, graduates may: 

  • Conduct open water dives in conditions similar to their training 
  • Continue their dive education by enrolling in SDI Advanced Diver and Specialty courses 

Minimum requirements 

The SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Course will cover all of the necessary skills and knowledge for open water scuba diving, including: 

  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution 
  • Satisfactorily complete the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver knowledge quests or equivalent online learning course 
  • Complete all open water requirements safely and efficiently 
  • Minimum age 18 or 15 with parental consent 

If age (10-14) we offer SDI Junior Open Water Scuba Diver Course, so the whole family can dive. 

Step Two

Confined Water Dives - Get Wet

Find a dive center 

After your eLearning is complete you need to select a dive center. The dive center will take it from here. They place you with an instructor, and will reserve a pool for your confined water dives. 

What does pool learning consist of 

You will begin to practice everything that you have learned within the eLearning portion: 

  • Swim Test 
  • Setting up gear 
  • Buoyancy 
  • Underwater hand communication 
  • Emptying water in your mask underwater 
  • Underwater navigation 
  • Emergency/Safety procedures 

How long does it take 

This question does not have a direct answer. You will practice skills with your instructor until he/she can confidently pass you. 

Step Three

Open Water Dives - Go Diving!

Open water dives 

You have finished all your open water learning & training, now it is time to go diving. You are four dives away from being certified. Depending on your location your dive center will have a location/boat booked to complete this step. 

Now the fun begins, you get to explorer the underwater world! Enjoy! 


You can dive anywhere in the world 

After you complete your two open water dives you are now an SDI Open Water Diver. What are the benefits: 

  • You can now dive anywhere in the world without going through any education. 
  • You get to dive up to 18m/60ft. 
  • You have completed the entry level course, you can now advance you skills with more courses to go deeper, breathe longer, and even go into overhead environments.