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International Training Inc (ITI) formed First Response Training International to fill a need in the layperson rescuer market. ITI was experienced in developing materials and support for instructors conducting several courses in various activities, some practical and technically complex. ITI took that knowledge and applied it to the outdated and underdone layperson rescuer market in hopes of creating a better and more informed rescuer. First Response Training International strives to provide the most up to date systems for learning and the best customer service to providers and instructors.

Quality Instruction

Experienced learners know that the quality of their instructor makes a real difference to the quality of their training. First Response Training International’s instructors are among the leaders in the layperson rescuer training. Whether your instructor is a paramedic teaching on the side or a full-time workplace CPR educator, your First Response Training International instructor is not only certified but qualified.E-friendly Organization First Response Training International is an e-friendly organization with an ever-growing member’s area. It features an online store, links to our associate member’s newsletter, and it’s available when you are, 24/7/365! Our elearning platform is built for the ease of students and instructor’s alike. Access student progress reports and scores instantly and in real time. If we do something, we do it online.

Adult, Child & Infant Emergency Care Course

Child & Infant Emergency Care

Workplace CPR/AED

Bloodborne Pathogens

O2 Administration

Be First Aid Certified

How to take this course 

There are two components to your training in order to receive your certification.  The first is academics and the second is skills.  You must first pass your academics training to proceed to the second phase and work with an instructor in a classroom setting. 

Step 1 

Academics.  We offer two options to complete your academics (eLearning or manual).  To get started with eLearning, just click the eLearning link and you’ll be off and running.  If you prefer a manual, visit our webstore and view our full range of First Response manuals.  

Once you complete your academics, you can begin your classroom training with a local instructor. 

Step 2 

Classroom.  Search our instructor database to find a local training center to complete the skills portion of your training. 

  1. Classroom costs: (vary by location) – Click here to Find an Instructor for your classroom training. 

Once you complete your academics and classroom training, you will be issued a certification.