TDI Sidemount Diver

Once the exclusive domain of cave divers, sidemount diving has exploded in popularity as divers discover more and more uses for this configuration. Today, it is not unusual to see sidemount divers at a wide variety of dive sites and locations around the world.

Sidemount is misunderstood as simply putting two cylinders on your side and setting off into the water when it is much more than that. Every attachment, every piece of hardware and every inch of bungee added or cut make a difference–to donning, doffing, cylinder handling and comfort in the water. Understanding the intricacies of the different moving parts and a will to ‘play’ and adjust their configuration long after the end of the initial certification course are landmarks of great sidemount divers. With that in mind, sidemount can be perfect in just about any situation.

In this TDI Sidemount diver program, you will learn about:

      1.  Gas matching procedures to include dissimilar volumes
      2.  Gas management utilizing independent cylinders
      3.  Psychological considerations
      4.  Equipment considerations
        •  Cylinder options
        •  Regulator options
        •  Buoyancy compensator / harness options
        •  Proper weighting
        • Equipment configurations
      5.  Communication
        •  Hand signals
        •  Light signals
      6.  Problem solving
        •  Gas-sharing
        •  Gas hemorrhages
        •  Light failure
        •  Loss of visibility
        •  Entanglement
        •  Self rescue
      7.   Tight spaces
      8.   Conversation
      9.   Difficult water entries
      10.   S-Drills; specific to sidemount and more…