Diving In Indonesia

General information:

Indonesia is a vast country covering 5,120 km from the east to the west and made up of over 17,000 islands. It is also the world most populous Muslim majority country.Indonesia is served by a vast network of international and domestic flights.

Diving Conditions:

Diving is excellent year-round in Indonesia. Many of the dive locations have the best conditions from April to October while Raja Ampat best diving season is from November to April. Diving in Indonesia is generally very warm with the exceptions of few dive sites which can go down to 16 degrees celsius!

Water temperature: 26 to 30 Degrees Celsius
Visibility:10-50 meters

Scuba diving locations:

In terms of diversity and easy accessibility, Bali is hard to beat! Expect to see everything from the majestic manta rays to the elusive pygmy seahorses all in one trip. During the months of July to September, there is a super high chance of Mola Mola sightings. From there, hope over to Lombok for an experience of what Bali was twenty years ago. The Gili islands never fail to impress with its amazing beaches, island vibes and great diving!

In Sulawesi, Manado offers some of the best wall diving and the neighboring Lembeh offers world class macro dives. You can dive to your hear content with very little distractions.

To the far east, drift diving in Komodo is not to be missed. What used to be only accessible by liveaboards are now commonly provided by the land based dive centres.

Every diver should head to Raja Ampat at least once! Almost everything you wanted to see can be found there! Despite the long travel required, this place is definitely worth it.

The list of dive destinations in Indonesia is simply too long to cover in one page!

Diving courses available:

All levels of scuba diving courses are available in Indonesia. Muck diving is also extremely popular in Indonesia where good Buoyancy control is important. You might encounter strong current especially where the big fishes are! Advanced Adventure and Drift diver training will come in handy. There are also various dive centers offering Sidemount dive courses.

Technical Diving: Many TDI centers can be located in Bali and Gili Trawangan. Courses up to Trimix and Rebreather diving are readily available at these locations. Bunaken also offers some great deep wall diving for the tech divers

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