SDI Scubility Diver

The SDI Scubility Diver Program is designed to give physically challenged divers the necessary skills and techniques used to conduct open water dives in conditions similar to their training without the direct supervision of a SDI Scubility Instructor. However, some SDI Scubility divers require supervision of a qualified SDI Dive Buddy.

The SDI Scubility Diver Program takes a closer look at the techniques and equipment adjustments to meet a physically challenged diver’s needs allowing individuals to dive with safe diving practices.

The following courses are offered under the SDI Scubility Diver Program:

Since 2016, our partners in Thailand had been conducting SDI Scubility program yearly. We were only able to accommodate a limited number of participants each year due to manpower and budget constrains.

If you were like to join us for the participation of the event or voluntary contributions, do email us at:

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