Nitrox Diver

Before enrolling into an actual technical diving course, it is important to understand the properties of the different gases we use during scuba diving. Enriched Air, commonly known as Nitrox is one of the gases which you will come across very frequently.

In the TDI Nitrox program, you will learn about the many advantages of using nitrox as well as some of the precaution to take. When used safely, nitrox can extend your bottom time as well as give you other benefits which will make your diving much more enjoyable.

TDI Nitrox is designed for the diver looking for a strong background in nitrox or considering taking additional technical diver programs. EAD, oxygen toxicity, exposure limits, and O2 exposure percentage uptakes and decreases are looked at in much more detail.

Taking the TDI Nitrox course will be a smoother transition to becoming a technical diver.However, if the mathematical formulas of the TDI Nitrox sounds too daunting to you, consider the SDI Computer Nitrox course instead.You can still enjoy the same benefits of nitrox diving while letting your dive computer takes care of all the calculations.

Who this course is for:

  • The open water diver who is interested in learning more about nitrox mixtures 
  • The open water diver who is interested in extending their bottom time 
  • The certified diver who has interest in moving forward with technical diving education

What you can expect to learn:

  • The benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for using nitrox mixes from 22 through 40 percent oxygen content 
  • Equipment considerations, cylinder labelinganalyzing nitrox mixtures, and gas blending procedures

What’s in it for you?

  • Ability to dive utilizing EAN-22 to EAN-40 without direct supervision 
  • Ability to enroll in TDI Advanced Nitrox, TDI Decompression Procedures, TDI Semi-closed Rebreather courses